+ - How to become a Dear Tummy Member?

  • Register through our website https://dear-tummy.chococrm.com/ select “Member Registration”
  • Register through LINE Official Account @deartummy Select “Member Registration” : https://lin.ee/dYgkD8m
  • Register at Dear Tummy’s Customer Service Counter, G floor, ICONSIAM

+ - What do I need to apply for membership?

Any individual above 15 years of age can apply for a membership by using an ID Card number for Thai nationals and a passport number for foreign nationals.

+ - How do I start earning Dear Tummy membership points?

Accumulate points by paying with cash, QR code, debit card or credit card at the cashier for both regular price and sale items (Only participating products). Simply provide your mobile phone number or Dear Tummy Member Number at the cashier upon payment every time to collect points. We reserve the right to deny retrospective points if the mobile phone number or Dear Tummy Member Number was not provided to the cashier at the time of purchase.

+ - Does my membership expire?

Your membership status will never expire.

+ - Can I share my Dear Tummy account with others?

Each person is limited to one Dear Tummy account. If it is found that you are a Dear Tummy member with more than 1 account, the company reserves the right to combine accumulated points with your Member Number that you have recently applied for without prior notice.

+ - Will I get a membership card?

You can use mobile phone numbers to participate in member activities without using a membership card.

+ - Where can I check my accumulated points?

  • You can check your accumulated points by calling our Customer Service at 088-971-8034 from Monday to Friday during business hours (10.00-18.00 hrs.) except Saturday-Sunday and public holidays.
  • At any of our Checkout points (Cashiers)
  • By checking the end of your receipt
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Intermart (Thailand) Co., Ltd., as a data controller, has a policy to protect personal information. (Personal/Privacy Data Protection Policy). The policy describes the data use and retention of personal data, especially data of users of the Dear Tummy membership system. This document provides essential information, including:

  • Scope of personal data
  • Personal data collected by Dear Tummy
  • Source of information collected by Dear Tummy
  • Purposes of use of the information
  • Processing of personal data
  • Data retention and retention period of personal data
  • Usage of personal data for marketing
  • Data subject rights
  • Cookies definition
  • Usage of cookies
  • Types of cookies used by Dear Tummy
  • Cookies Management
  • Privacy Policy of Other Sites
  • The changes in Privacy Policy
  • Contacting Dear Tummy's Data Controller

Scope of Policy and Consent

You have read carefully and understand that this Privacy Policy governs and covers the use or services. By accessing the Dear Tummy membership system, you authorize and agree to consent to the data controller for the collection and use of your data by this Privacy Policy and other policies. The data controller will use the data to improve service, improve other conducting, or other purposes. as the data controller deems appropriate. Personal Data means any data that can be identified directly or indirectly to a Data Subject. This does not include the information of the deceased person. Data Subject means the person to whom the personal data is identified. Natural Person means a living person, excluding juridical persons established by law such as corporations, associations, foundations, or any other organization. This does not include cases where the creator or collecting of the data is not the person who owns the data.

Personal data collected by Dear Tummy

Dear Tummy collects the following personal data from you, which is provided to the data controller with your consent in all respects. The personal information that Dear Tummy collects includes:

  • First name
  • Birthday
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Race
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Email
  • Reward points
  • List of rewards and/or promotions redeemed
  • Product and/or service purchase information, including payment, any information that Dear Tummy needs to process an order, or information that you use to place an order, such as debit or credit card information (cardholder name, card number, expiration date, CVC, etc.) or other forms of payment (if applicable). In all cases, Dear Tummy or Dear Tummy’s payment service providers will handle payment and financial information in a manner that complies with applicable laws, regulations, and security standards.
  • Survey information
  • Login Data, any information that describes your user characteristics or behavioral characteristics, such as your preferences, interests, or lifestyle.

Dear Tummy will not collect Sensitive Data for normal activities except where necessary. Dear Tummy will notify the data owner in advance to obtain consent prior to collection.

Source of information collected by Dear Tummy.

Dear Tummy may receive your personal information in two ways:

  • Dear Tummy receives personal information directly from you. Dear Tummy will collect your personal information from Service procedures as follows.

  • Procedure for applying for services or registering with Dear Tummy Membership System or the process of requesting to apply for various rights with Dear Tummy

  • The process of applying for the service or registering with the Dear Tummy membership system through a partner company. or affiliated companies

  • Your voluntary questionnaire or replying to messages or emails to Dear Tummy or other communication between Dear Tummy and you

  • Dear Tummy receives your personal information from the following third parties:

  • LINE
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Website
  • Youtube
  • Tiktok
  • Twitter

Dear Tummy may receive information from others who have the status of the data controller by Choco Card Enterprise Co., Ltd. has status as a data processor according to the order of data controller

Purposes of use of the information

Dear Tummy collects your personal information for the following purposes:

  • To maintain and provide you with the correct and efficient use of the system
  • To create, manage membership accounts and troubleshoot technical issues, and/or enable features.
  • To publicize, offer promotions or provide information about products and services that best meet your needs. The public relations channels will be via SMS, E-Mail, LINE, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, Twitter, and/or other channels with your consent.
  • To monitor general usage activities and your usage activities, such as browsing, shopping, browsing promotions, or redeeming rewards, in order to properly deliver goods or rewards to the data subject; required in case of delivery, etc.
  • To design your user experience, improve the system, and develop future products and services for you.
  • To cooperate with the judicial process law enforcement If there is a request or a letter of a legal claim by an agency and government official or court
  • To provide or share information about the data subject with third parties such as marketing consultant or analytics service providers collecting information. The information that such a person collects will be governed by this contract.
  • Research and development and improvement of your experience.

Processing of personal data

Upon receive your personal data, Dear Tummy will process your personal data as follows:

  • Dear Tummy stores data at Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Service (Azure), a system that is standardized, has high security and is generally accepted, and uses a data center in Singapore. It is a server covered by personal data protection law called Singapore Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (SGPDPA) and Citysoft Program
  • Dear Tummy has the purpose of using your information to communicate, service, and improve the quality of service to you.
  • Dear Tummy will share information with individuals or entities in order to offer products and services that are suitable for you. The person or agency receiving the information is as follows: Choco Card Enterprise Co., Ltd. operates in member information management, event management, reward management, statistical analysis, and public relations in various marketing. This will be done by the status of the data processor as ordered by the data controller.

Data Retention and Data

Data Retention - Dear Tummy stores data with the Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Service (Azure). This is a standardized system with high security that is generally accepted. Using a data center in Singapore as a server base, it is covered by personal data protection law called the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (SGPDPA) and Citysoft Program.

Data Retention Period

Dear Tummy will store your personal data until you stop using the system (Inactive User) in compliance with the legally required period. Once you stop using the system, Dear Tummy will keep your information for 6 months after the system termination notification to prevent re-application or fraud by impersonation to use the service again. Then, all your data will be removed from the system, and your identity will no longer be identifiable.

Usage of personal data for marketing

During the service, Dear Tummy, its partners, and affiliates will send you any product and promotional information that is expected to interest you. Once you have accepted the product and service offering information, you have the right to cancel at any time. You have the right to contact Dear Tummy to opt-out of offering your product and service information or providing your information to other members of our partner companies and the Dear Tummy affiliates at any time. If you cancel your Dear Tummy membership, no further information will be sent to you during the service.

Step 1 : You can make a request at the Dear Tummy Member Service Point, G Floor, ICONSIAM, or send an email and send the relevant documents to info@dear-tummy.com
Step 2 : Fill out the form “Amendment/Cancellation Membership”
Step 3 : Bring a copy of the member's ID card and the complete member Amendment/Cancellation form to the staff.
Step 4 : The system will cancel within 14 working days after receiving the complete documents and forms.

Data Subject Rights

Dear Tummy would like you to be aware of data subject rights, which all users have the following rights:

  • You have the right to withdraw your consent given to Dear Tammy of processing and storing your personal data for the duration of your personal data being with the Dear Tummy membership system.
  • You have the right to access your personal data by requesting Dear Tummy to provide a copy of your personal data and send it to you within 7 working days, including asking Dear Tummy to disclose the acquisition of your information for which you did not consent to Dear Tummy.
  • You have the right to ask Dear Tommy to correct any inaccurate or incomplete information.
  • You have the right to ask Dear Tommy to erase your personal data or make your information non-personally identifiable, sometimes deleting the information may prevent Dear Tummy from providing you with further services.
  • Right to Restriction of Processing: You have the right to suspend the use of your personal data in the following cases.
  • When the Personal Data Controller is undergoing investigation as requested by the Personal Data Subject.
  • When it is personal data that needs to be deleted or destroyed but the owner of the personal data asks to suspend its use instead.
  • When personal data is no longer necessary for retention for the purpose of collecting personal data, but the subject of personal data is required to keep it in order to establish legal claims.
  • When the Personal Data Controller is in the process of verification or verification to reject the objection of the Personal

Cookies definition

Cookies are data files (Text File) on your computer that store logs of internet data and website visitor’s behavior when you visit our website. Dear Tummy may collect your information automatically through cookies or other similar technologies. For more information on Cookies, you can find out at www.allaboutcookies.org/manage-cookies/

Usage of cookies

Dear Tummy will collect information about visits to the website (www.dear-tummy.com) from all visitors through Cookies or similar technologies. Dear Tummy will use Cookies to improve the efficiency of accessing Dear Tummy via the internet including improving the efficiency of using Dear Tummy’s services on the internet. Dear Tummy uses various types of cookies to improve your user experience on the website as follows:

  • Save your login information (Log in/sign in) so that you can use your account continuously.
  • To understand your use of Dear Tummy website Types of cookies used by Dear Tummy
  • There are different types of Cookies used but, on the Website, Dear Tummy they are used for the following reasons:
  • Functionality Cookies - Dear Tummy uses cookies to know that you have visited the Website and remembers your interests that have been selected, including the language you have chosen and where cookies are used, both from individuals First Party (Website Dear Tummy) and Third Party (Other Organizations)
  • Advertising Cookies – Dear Tummy uses cookies to collect information when you visit the Website, such as the content you view, the links you follow, browsing information, device, and IP address. Dear Tummy, a limited amount of information is shared with third parties (other organizations) for advertising purposes. Dear Tummy may share online information collected through cookies with advertising partners. When visiting other websites, you will see advertisements that are based on your search behavior on the website Dear Tummy.

Cookies Management

You can set your browser not to collect information via cookies, which you can find details at www.allaboutcookies.org/manage-cookies/ explains how to remove cookies from your browser.

Dear Tummy’s Privacy Policy / Protection of Personal Data will be governed by publicly available laws and regulations. This Privacy Policy was last updated on May 1, 2022. Contacting Dear Tummy’s Data Controller If you have any questions about the privacy policy/protection of your personal data that Dear Tummy holds or require the implementation of your personal data protection rights, please contact for more information call 088-971-8034 or email : info@dear-tummy.com. (Monday-Friday time 10:00 - 18:00 hrs., except public holidays)

Intermart (Thailand) Co., Ltd. ("Company" or "we") reserves the right to change the details and conditions of the Terms and Conditions of Dear Tummy membership and use of personal information without prior notice.

General terms and conditions

  • Terms of Service

    1. 1.1 The Dear Tummy Membership System is issued and owned by Intermart (Thailand) Co., Ltd. We reserve the right to cancel Dear Tummy membership status or accumulated points from Dear Tummy members (“Dear Tummy Members” or “You”) or modify the operations and services of Dear Tummy Members, including termination of the services at any time without prior notice.

    2. 1.2 The company reserves the right to give benefits to general customers or consumers according to terms and conditions as designated by the company.

    3. 1.3 Dear Tummy members must be residents of Thailand and 15 years old and up.

    4. 1.4 Membership status cannot be transferred to another person, and the person who can use and receive benefits from membership is only the person whose name matches the member database.

    5. 1.5 The company reserves the right to apply for membership by limiting a customer can apply for a Dear Tummy member only. If the Company finds that you are a Dear Tummy member with more than one membership number, the Company reserves the right to combine your membership number into the number you applied for the last time without prior notice.

    6. 1.6 You may only collect and/or use Reward Points with the Company and other partners or affiliates that have promotional agreements with the Dear Tummy membership system.

    7. 1.7 Dear Tummy members who apply in Thailand can only be used in Thailand.

  • Points collection (Dear Tummy Points)

  • 2.1 You must provide your mobile phone number or Dear Tummy membership number registered with the Company to the cashier whenever purchasing products and/or services from the Company. The points cannot be collected retrospectively.

    2.2 The company reserves the right to determine the types of products and services that cannot be used for accumulating points. (“Excluding items”) The products that are not included in the list are Liquor goods, cigarettes, bill payment services, prepaid cards, gift cards, postal services, pharmaceuticals, infant formula, follow-on formula for infants and children (formula 1 and 2), and all merchandise sold in the rental area. The company reserves the right to add or reduce the list of products that do not participate in such programs as appropriate.

    2.3 The number of Dear Tummy member points will be calculated from the net purchase amount after all discounts have been deducted only.

    2.4 Points accumulated of January 1 - December 31 of every year will expire on December 31 at 24.00 yearly. The company reserves the right to change this ratio whenever without prior notice.

    2.5 The details and conditions for earning Dear Tummy Points of the partner companies and affiliates may differ from the terms and conditions of the Company. Please check more details from partner companies and affiliated companies through media channels.

    2.6 If you return an item and receive a refund, you will be required to return your points to the Company for the value of the points you have earned for purchasing such products. The company reserves the right to deduct the points you have earned from the returned products from your account without prior notice.

  • Payment System

  • You can choose to pay by cash/ credit card / online credit card/debit card / online debit card or Thai QR Code Mobile Banking, Internet Banking **depending on the selected bank**
    Customer service department If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Customer service department at Tel. 088-971-8034 or email : info@dear-tummy.com (Monday-Friday from 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., except public holidays)