Our Asian Grocer section provides authentic mouth-watering food and ingredients from 3 different nations - Thailand, China, and Korea. This is the place where you can find over 1,500 items, including food, raw ingredients, and original seasonings. For China, we have selected well-renowned brands from Thailand’s Chinatown (Yaowarat), featuring olive pickled green mustard, pickled cabbage in sesame oil, shrimp balls, deep fried crab meat rolls, fish balls, and various types of soy sauce sold for over 100 years. We also provide quality products from all over Thailand, highlighting organic rice, Chaiya salted egg, local soy sauce, pickled salted egg, Threadfin, shrimp paste, and a variety of soy sauce and fish sauce. Last but not least, we offer countless quality products imported from Korea, such as different types of Korean sauces, fresh Kimchi, fresh Tokpokki, fish balls, fish eggs, snacks, and instant noodles. In just one place, food lovers are able to create a variety of delicious dishes for everyone in the family.

Our Green Grocer section is THE place for all the health enthusiasts out there.
Discover a variety of quality meat products in Dear Tummy’s own Meats Market zone.
Taste of Thailand, a unique zone that offers celebrated products from different regions of Thailand